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What is FuelMaster
Benefits of FuelMaster
How Does It Work?
What do you get?
What Types and Which to Install?

What is FuelMaster?

FuelMaster is the only product of its kind which has demonstrated significant EPA Accepted Laboratory test results documenting reductions in emissions and an average highway fuel economy improvement of 11.6%.

This EPA test, along with repeated demonstrations at authorized diagnostic and emissions inspection centres and actual vehicle installations, provide the foundation for your assurance that FuelMaster works on every vehicle, every time, when correctly installed.

Before and after studies show a significant decrease in hydrocarbon (-24%), oxides of nitrogen (-15%) and carbon monoxide (-68%). The reduction in these emissions is directly correlated to the improvement in fuel economy (+11.6%). Emissions are barometer for unburned fuel, so when a higher percentage of fuel is burned in combustion, emissions are reduced and fuel economy is improved.

Fuel master can be successfully fitted to all types of vehicles. Fuel master makes no specific claims as to individual and actual results achievable, as results and performance can and will very according to age and type of vehicle, loadings carried, driving styles and similar vehcile to vehicle variables.

Benefits of FuelMaster:

  • Reduces Exhaust Pollution & Vehicle Greenhouse Gas
  • Is Environmentally & Planet Friendly
  • Makes your car Greener for the World you live in.
  • Helps you join in the drive to “PREVENT POLLUTION IN OUR WORLD.”
  • Can benefit you on better vehicle fuel economy.

How Does It Work?

FuelMaster is designed to use the basic physics principles of Faradays law.  As Fuel stands in the fuel tank, it expands or contracts with time.  Eventually, these fuel molecules begin to attract to one another forming clusters.  As the clusters grow larger several phenomena occur:

  1. Inside molecules are encased by other molecules which means when in the combustion process in your engine they are not exposed to the oxygen burning process.  These unburned molecules are emitted as pollution out your tail pipe or build up as carbon deposits/varnish inside the engine.
  2. As these clusters grow larger they gravitate to the inside walls of fuel delivery systems.
  3. The FuelMaster strapped to the fuel line imparts an abrupt Magnetic Field to the fuel which induces these clusters to break apart.  Once this process occurs the interior molecules are now exposed to the Oxygen. Now that more fuel is exposed to oxygen needed for combustion, fuel burns more completely and cleanly. In addition built up engine deposits of carbon and varnish are eliminated so engine can run more smoothly.

What do you get?

  • Superior Product Design
  • Top Quality Assembly
  • High Strength Tight Molding
  • ISO Inspected Manufacturing Operations
  • Made in the USA
  • You see what you get - no hidden black box.

What types and which to install

FuelMaster XL: Our Deluxe Model

  • Install on V6, V8, V10 or V12 engines
  • Use on Cars, SUV's, Trucks, Vans, Buses & RV’s            
  • Works on Diesel, Gas or Petrol fuel

FuelMaster SD: Our Standard Model

  • Install on 3 or 4cylinder, or like sized engines
  • Use on Older V6 Carbureted Engines, Motorcycles, Tractors, ATV’s & Recreational vehicles.
  • Use for Home Heating systems
  • Works on Diesel, Gas or Petrol fuel.
  • Our first model has been used for 14+ years in industry

Installation guide

FuelMaster products can be purchased for installation by the DIY Enthusiast
Trade customers please Contact Us for pricing and support