The RustStop® RS-5 is a precision electronic device which incorporates concepts based on cathodic protection, that have been in daily use protecting ocean going vessels, boats, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over fifty years.
RustStop® RS-5 is the only automotive system available that successfully combines both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode technologies to make it effective in inhibiting corrosion in both wet and dry conditions. RustStop® RS-5 should not be confused with standard impressed current or sacrificial anode products, and the successful combination of the two is complex and has taken over 12 years to perfect. 

How does RustStop Stop Rust?

How does RustStop® work?
designed aluminum sacrificial anodes (rust magnets) are supplied with a unique graphite based self adhesive and are easily mounted onto  both the  front and rear of the body of the vehicle (and also body sides for the 24 volt unit) and then connected to the RustStop® electronic unit mounted near the battery in the engine compartment.
By outputting a positive charge of approximately 38 to 43 volts onto the anodes, the negatively charged Free Electrons are attracted toward the anodes and away from the body of the vehicle.  So instead of the vehicle rusting, the RustStop® anodes now do the corroding.

Read a fuller explanation here.   RS-5 is available in various models to suite the vehicle size, corrosive conditions and battery voltage

Read some Testimonials from around the world.  Installation instructions are provided with each unit.

 Key Benefits of RustStop® RS-5

  • Prevents approximately 76% of rust from forming
  • Rust that normally takes 3 years to develop will take at least 12-14 years with RustStop fitted 
  • Provides your vehicle with all weather 24/7 rust protection from wet roads, saltwater, sand, mud and similar rust inducing conditions
  • Very affordable - easy to install - low maintenance - long life
  • 10 year warranty on the electronic unit (conditions apply)  Click here to register your purchase.


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