RustStop® Rx100 can be applied by brush, roller or spray onto already painted surfaces, new steel surfaces, and, even rusted surfaces.
Once applied, RustStop® Rx100 goes to work immediately.

Firstly - it penetrates into every microscopic crack and crevice of the metal expelling any traces of moisture or oxygen.
Secondly - as it dries, it completely seals the surface, thus preventing the moisture carrying oxygen from entering and also bonds with the metal.  Put simply, RustStop® Rx100 suffocates the metal/rust - thus preventing the substrate from breathing.

Once cured (up to 48 hours), RustStop® Rx100 will dry to a flexible, water repellent, non-conducting, long-lasting coat that is capable of handling very high heat. (300 deg C) RustStop® Rx100 is a non-toxic, solid-state coating, that does not crack or peel.

RustStop® Rx100 dries to a transparent coat; therefore visual inspection of equipment and surfaces is not impaired.  When applied as directed, a two-coat treatment of RustStop® Rx100 will give long term rust protection under the harshest conditions.  It can be painted if required using oil or water-based paint, or can be powder-coated.

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Available in 1 Litre cans and 20 Litre drums.

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