RS-5 carries a Ten-Year Warranty


Rx 100 has been rigorously tested


RSi is used in large complex installations


RustStop® has a range of innovative rust protection products which are each world leaders.

Electronic units to protect vehicles of all types and sizes

Transparent coatings to protect surfaces in all conditions including marine applications

Industrial units to protect large and exposed plant and machinery

RustStop® RS-5 is the only automotive system available that successfully combines both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode technologies to make it effective in inhibiting corrosion in both wet and dry conditions. Available in 6V, 12V and 24V systems, there is a model for every vehicle.

RustStop® Rx100 is a revolutionary rust protection coating that can be applied to any metal surface, even with existing rust, with minimal surface preparation and maximum protection.

RustStop® RSi uses the same principle as the world famous RustStop® vehicle electronic systems sold internationally for over 20 years. Each anode can protect about 12m2 giving total protection to around 200 m2 of steel in industrial applications, cranes and buildings.

RustStop® products can be purchased online for installation by the DIY enthusiast.

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