QUIXX removes scratches from painted surfaces

Unattractive scratches in the paintwork of cars are unavoidable over time. QUIXX removes scratches, small marks and scuff marks quickly and reliably from all paint finishes (including metallic). QUIXX can be used to eliminate both slight and deep scratches. Simply apply the paste and polish. Through the superior action of QUIXX the paint finish shines with a new lustre. Also suitable for painted plastic parts such as bumpers.

  • QUIXX is the world's first proven effective scratch remover
  • QUIXX is the only car-care product of its kind that was awarded TÜV Certification
  • QUIXX is the only scratch-removal product found effective by Consumer Reports and other testing laboratories
  • QUIXX is environmentally safe - non-toxic, water soluble and odourles

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