Nitrogen in tyres – is it worth it?



Some tyre firms claim that inflating your tyres with nitrogen is a good way to get better performance and safety from your tyres.  

Unfortunately the facts do not match the hype and the profit it brings to tyre companies. 


Certainly nitrogen has been used for many years in Formula One cars where performance is measured in fractions of a second and the millions of dollars at stake make even the most marginal benefit worthwhile irrespective of cost.  But study after study has shown that it is certainly not worthwhile for normal highway use.


   AA New Zealand says …”we don't think that the cost and possible inconvenience are justified for normal passenger car use”


   Consumer Reports in the US conducted a year-long trial with nitrogen and found it only marginally reduced tyre-pressure loss.


   Consumer NZ says …for the average motorist it provides virtually no benefit, costs money, and may reduce safety rather than improve it


And on top of the negatives, nitrogen does nothing to prevent punctures!


Ultraseal has been proven to provide positive benefits for the average user by extending the life of tyres, and it seals any punctures for the life of the tyre. 


In a 15 month trial, a New Zealand rental company documented a 37% increase in tyre life with Ultraseal – see their testimonial here.



Say No to Nitrogen.  Say Yes to Ultraseal.