Ultraseal extends tyre life and ensures tyre safety

Ultraseal stops punctures before they happen

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Ultraseal installation is quick and easy

NZ Campervan
Rental cars and Campervan hire vehicles are ideal for Ultraseal


In use worldwide for over 40 years, tires treated with Ultraseal have driven billions of miles and withstood the test of time. Laboratory testing and on-the-road reports all document and confirm improved safety and handling, reduced downtime and increased tyre life - all of which add up to substantial savings and a big return on investment.

  • Saves fuel
  • Saves tyre wear
  • Ensures correct tyre pressure all the time
  • Maximises road safety from tyre failures, punctures and blow – outs.

    Available in three grades for different tyre demands

        Installs in minutes, lasts for the life of the tyre

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            Fixes punctures before they happen

                 Check the Tyre Chart to find out how much Ultraseal you need

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Available in small packs for the DIY enthusiast. Trade customers please Contact Us for preferential pricing