Wonder Wafers are available in handy Canister Packs


200 unwrapped wafers, ready to use.
Each pack in a single fragrance only

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We are delighted to introduce Wonder Wafers to New Zealand.  They have been established in USA for  over 23 years and have huge coverage across the total automotive sector throughout USA. Produced from the highest quality pure perfume oils, which create lingering aromas, they are an exciting and low cost product for to use for as a discreet fragrance for customer appreciation, company promotions and more.

With Wonder Wafers  there is no more need for aerosol sprays – that don’t usually last long anyway – or bottles of perfume oil and similar. Just one Wonder Wafer under the seat – simple – easy to do – and so very cost effective - and your customer will love it and enjoy the fragrance for days.

The 3 fragrances available are         •  Fresh Lemon        •  Mountain Pine          •  Island Breeze

Note: Fragrances are a subjective / personal likes and dislikes mood makers and motivator. There is no "right" fragrance in marketing - just appreciation. What ever the fragrance you choose it will be appreciated by your customer.

One Wafer under the seat does it

Wonder Wafers are changing the way air fresheners products are used and sold. One small wafer can outlast most other leading air fresheners. With its unique design, a wafer can be placed just about anywhere - in the car or in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or closet. You'll enjoy the selection of air fragrances that are crisp and fresh smelling. And the scent lasts up to a week or more. And,they don't overpower like some home deodorizer products, and Wonder Wafers are hassle free. With several fragrances to choose from, Wonder Wafers are an ideal indoor room air freshener.

The Benefits

Wonder Wafers make great automobile air fresheners. They are also a very cost-effective solution to odor elimination problems for businesses and individuals. They are used by auto detail shops, car washes, truck stops, limo companies, car rental agencies, hotels and motels. As a leading air freshener manufacturer, Wonder Wafers take pride in the products they create, and have spent years perfecting the Wonder Wafer and it's scent selections. The Wonder Wafer can be placed under the car seat, in the bathroom or even in the closet. There are no spills to deal with or any messy residue from a liquid freshener melting or freezing. The fragrance is never over-powering, yet will last up to a week or more.

WONDER WAFERS® Used Worldwide By Thousands Of:

  •  Car washes                   •  Truck Stops                           •  Hotels / Motels
  •  Motor Homes                 •  Vehicle dealers                      •  Panelbeaters
  •  Bus companies               •  Businesses                            •  Offices                              
  •  Homes                           •  Taxis                                    •  Rental car companies
  •  And Many More!

Wonder Wafers - Works great in cars, homes, offices, boats - practically anywhere
Over 500 Million Wonder Wafers have been sold worldwide to date.

Time released Air Fresheners for Cars, 4WD'S Trucks - all vehicles

These auto air fresheners are discreet and can be placed just about anywhere. Best of all, they will keep your ride smelling fresh. Toss a Wonder Wafer in your car, boat, motor home, truck, 4WD, camper, or even use one as a room air freshener. Once you try one you will discover why so many professional auto shops and car washes, and service centres, choose Wonder Wafers.

Keep you vehicle always smelling fresh with Wonder Wafers.

Time released Air Fresheners - great for Homes, Offices, Businesses

Make a great first impression with Wonder Wafer Air Fresheners when guests walk into your home or business. And in addition to being easy to use, Wonder Wafers are an affordable home air freshener.

SAVE $$ WITH WONDER WAFERS - the worlds most perfect air fresheners.

Wonder Wafers can be purchased for your car or home from our Online Shop
Trade customers please Contact Us for pricing and support